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Job Title: Ph.D. Candidate

Job Site: University of Wollongong, School of Biological Sciences

Location: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Closing Date: 10/6/2017

PhD proposal – Centre for Sustainable Ecosystems Solutions – School of Biological Sciences – University of Wollongong

Title: Insight into Invasion: Exploring the biological interactions between invasive and native crayfish

Project summary: Freshwater systems in Australia are under increasing pressure from a variety of human and environmental stressors, with invasive species featuring prominently among these stressors. More than 70% of freshwater crayfish species in the endemic genus Euastacus are considered endangered or critically endangered. In southern NSW, humans are introducing the yabby (Cherax destructor) from the Murray-Darling Basin into local waterways. This fast growing and highly fecund species has been listed as a Key Threatening Process. But, the action by which it threatens Euastacus spp. has not be formally investigated. We are seeking a motivated PhD student to (i) establish the population status of species of Euastacus and the invasive yabby in catchments in the Illawarra region (NSW) using a range of sampling methods. Then, to (ii) formally assess the outcomes of interactions between the invader and the native crayfish in a series of behavioural trials both in and ex situ. The project will be funded by a generous research grant awarded to Prof. Andy Davis and Dr. Marian Wong who will act as joint supervisors. The PhD student should have a background in behavioural/population/conservation biology, have been awarded a class I honours, and possess a general enthusiasm to conduct research at the nexus between these fields.

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their CV along with contact details of 2 referees to either or

Closing date for expressions of interest is COB, 6 October 2017.








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